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AdministrationTable File ManagementCreate, maintain and delete Ellipse table codes and associated values. The application also allows a selected table to be extracted into Excel where the table values can be reviewed and subsequently modified.
Reference Code ManagementCreate or maintain reference code information.
Authority ManagementManage authorities and their properties. The application allows authorities to be imported into Excel where they can be reviewed and verified. For each presented authority, the application shows the associated hierarchy of positions along with the authority levels for each position. The application then supports the creation. modification and deltion of authorities.
Ellipse Security ManagementUsed to manage Ellipse security at the program profile, global profile, application, class and method levels.

The application allows the client's security model to be imported into Excel and displayed in a matrix-based format. Individual worksheets are present for program and global profiles security, application (MSE) security and also class/ method security.

Updates can be performed from each of the worksheets back into Ellipse using MSO020 or the appropriate web services.

An additional feature also builds a profile assignment worksheet where the client can see each employee assigned to a position and global profile along with any security overrides that might be in place.
FinanceProject Management 1. Creation, maintenance and deletion of projects
2. Creation and modification of project estimates
Fixed Assets Management1. Creation and maintenance of the fixed asset register
2. Maintenance of asset general information and sub-assets
3. Assets can also be retired using MSO688
Financial Transaction CorrectionsCan be used to correct the accounting information on previously posted financial transactions
Finance Journal Management UtilityUsed to manage the journal creation and approval process. The application allows multiple journals to be entered into Ellipse efficiently and accurately. Support is provided for the following:
• Custom journal numbering scheme
• Dynamic validation of journal data
• Custom lookups for accounts and supporting journal data (work orders, projects, etc.)
• Creation of journal templates for repeated used
• Segregation of duties by splitting journal creation from journal approval. Email notification to journal approver.
Accounts Payable Liability CleanupImport PO line items with an outstanding receipt liability. The application then relieves the liability by creating a goods invoice for the oustanding receipt amount. A credit memo can then be created against the offsetting invoice to insure no payments are sent to the supplier. All invoices are created using MSO260 and MSO26M. All invoices are created with a unique numbering scheme so they can be clearly identified.
Budget ManagementUsed to import an existing budget The budget can then be modified. New budgets can also be created in the application.
Chart of AccountsUsed to manage the chart of accounts including cost centers, expense elements, GL codes, posting accounts and control accounts. An import feature allows each type of account to be imported into Excel. Updates can be made to create and modify each account type.
Non-order Invoice LoadUsed to create non-order invoices.
MaintenanceAPL ManagementUsed to manage APLs. The application supports the creation, modification and deletion of APL headers and lines. An import facility allows all APL details to be imported into Excel for a specified equipment or EGI reference or for a list of specified stock codes. The application is ideal for removing stock codes that need to be archived or to update the existing stock code descriptions or part numbers on APL line items.
Bulk Material Usage LoadUsed to load bulk material transactions (i.e. fuel and oil issues) into Ellipse. An operating statistic such as the current meter can also be entered with the issue transaction.
Operating Statistics LoadLoad equipment operating statistics against the specified equipment into Ellipse. Values may be entered as a daily statistic, cumulative statistic or meter reading.
Equipment ManagementUsed to manage the equipment register.
1. Creation of new equipment (including alternate references, colloquials, and extended text)
2. Maintenance of existing equipment (including alternate references, colloquials, and extended text)
3. Inactivation and deletion of equipment
4. Maintenance of disposal information
5. Maintenance of nameplate information
6. Create, maintain and delete EGI's
7. Maintenance of equipment tracing including fitments, defitments and the deletion of tracing actions.
Work Order ManagementUsed to manage work orders and their tasks.
1. Creation of work orders and tasks (including extended description and job instructions, user status, estimates, and scheduling data)
2. Maintenance of work orders and tasks (including extended description and job instructions, user status, estimates, and scheduling data)
3. Cancellation or completion of work orders
4. Creation and maintenance of task resources
Standard Job ManagementUsed to manage standard jobs.
1. Creation of standard jobs and tasks (including extended descriptions, job instructions, and estimates)
2. Maintenance of standard jobs and tasks (including extended descriptions, job instructions, and estimates)
3. Creation and removal of equipment against standard jobs
Maintenance Scheduling Task ManagementUsed to manage maintenance schedule tasks (MSTs). Supports the creation, maintenance and deletion of MST details. A facility is provided to import MST information into Excel so it can be reviewed and modified.
Plan/Actual Stat ConnectorUsed to create, modify or delete plan or budget statistics.
Statistics InterfaceA custom interface that allows equipment statistic information to be imported into Ellipse from external sources. The external source is typically a third-party application such as Modular Mining but support for any source such as Excel is available. The interface allows the following types of statistical based information to be loaded into Ellipse:
• Operating Statistics (MSO400)
• Down Time (MSO420)
• Lost Production Time (MSO470)
• Production Statistics (MSO435)
The interface reads a flat file provided by the external source, edits the information and reports any errors via email or hardcopy and then updates Ellipse with valid data. The process can be architected to run automatically throughout the day with no manual intervention.
MaterialsSupply Catalog ManagementUsed to manage the supply catalog.
1. Creation of new stock codes
2. Maintenance of item name and descriptions
3. Maintenance of classification data
4. Maintenance of colloquials
5. Maintenance of global part numbers
6. Maintenance of global commentary
7. Maintenance of cross-references
8. Maintenance of APL fitments
9. Perform status change
10. Maintain images
11. Copy a stock code
Manual Warehouse Requisition LoadAllows manual warehouse requisitions to be entered.
Receipt LoadAllows onsite receipts to be created.
District-level Inventory ManagementUsed to manage district level stock code information.
1. Creation of a new item into the district (long form functionality)
2. Maintenance of operational and provisioning data
3. Creation, maintenance and deletion of warehouse and bin information
4. Maintenance of district-level part number information
5. Price changes through MSO17E
6. Transfer a stock code to a new warehouse including the ability to transfer existing SOH, copy bin data, deletion of the old warehouse, and establishing a new home warehouse
7. Maintain item usage
8. Maintain commentary
Supplier ManagementUsed to manage supplier master and business information.
1. Creation of supplier address and classification information
2. Maintenance of order, payment, return and other addresses
3. Maintenance of classification information
4. Creation, maintenance and deletion of business information
5. Approve modifications
6. Activate/Inactivate suppliers
Stock Code to Supplier RelationshipUsed to manage stock code to supplier relationships .
1. Modification of preferred supplier information
2. Creation, maintenance and deletion of stock code to supplier relationship records.
Ellipse 8 Purchase Order LoadAllows buyers to easily update recommended orders and purchases requisitions and process them into purchase orders. The application contains the following functionality:
a. Ability to extract open and authorized recommended orders and purchase requisitions into Excel.
b. Ability to update the recommended orders and then to optionally process them into recommended orders through MSO240
c. Ability to update the purchase requisitions and then to optionally process them into purchase orders through MSO230.
Purchase Order LoadUsed to load recommended orders and purchase requisitions into Ellipse using MSO240 and MSO230 respectively. The application allows the user to request that a purchase order be created for each item that is processed.
FPA Import/ExportUsed to easily manage the creation of an FPA or quote with one or more suppliers. An existing FPA/Quote can be imported into Excel with supporting details to enable a supplier to enter a quote. The resulting Excel worksheet can then be sent to a supplier where pricing details and other updates can be specified. When the response is returned, the application supports uploading the response details back into Ellipse against the appropriate FPA/Quote.
FPA Clean UpAssists in cleaning up FPA details so stock codes can be archived. The application allows FPA details to be imported into Excel based upon a specified stock class or list of stock codes. Once the FPA lines are identified, they can be removed from the FPA using MSO252.
Close Ellipse Purchase Orders UtilityAn Excel-based application that can will identify and import open orders with no receipt liability. The orders can then be closed using an appropriate option on MSO220.
Catalogers WorkbenchA web-based application focused on managing additions and changes to the supply catalog. Robust search functions allow the requestor to identify the part to process and easily request an addition or change to the catalog, district or warehouses. Requests are routed through through a workflow process to insure that cataloging procedures are followed and increases to inventory are monitored.

Similar functionality is in place for supplier modifications and manufacturer changes.
Inventory Controller's WorkbenchA web-based application that streamlines the processing of stores recommended orders by the inventory controller. The application provides enhanced selection on the pending recommended orders and then a flexible and configurable presentation of information. In addition to focusing on the processing of recommended orders, the app equally emphasizes the management of inventory by facilitating warehouse and interdistrict transfers and managing the stock code's reorderr points.
Email Notification on Receipt of Goods and ServicesA custom solution that will generate a notification email when direct charge (non-cataloged) items are received in the warehouse. The email is sent to the requestor on the purchase requisition associated with the purchase order that was received. (This customization does not support sending emails when cataloged items are received.) Versions are available for onsite and offsite receipts.
Human ResourcesEmployee ManagementAllows employees to be created or modified. Functionality also exists to transfer and terminate employees.
Position ManagementUsed to create or modify positions using MSO870. The application is currently limited to supporting 12 predefined fields on MSM870B and MSM870C for each position.
Hierarchy ManagementSupports the management of a hierarchy through MSO875. The application can be used to create a new hierarchy or modify an existing hierarchy by adding, deleting or modifying positions and their relationships. An import feature allows an existing hierarchy to be imported into Excel where it can be reviewed and modified.
PayrollCreate Employee Pay Transactions with MSO832Used to create employee payroll transactions through MSO832.
Labor Costing LoadUsed to load labor costing transactions into Ellipse using functionality found in MSE850.
Payroll Time and Labor Costing EntrySupports the entry of both an employee's payroll and labor costing time. The application supports the following features:
1. Time can be entered in hours worked instead of start and stop times.
2. Payroll and labor hours can be balanced and validated to insure that they balance for each employee on a daily basis.
3. Defaults, such as rostered transactions, are provided to ease data entry.
4. Preliminary data validation occurs as data is being entered.
4. A pivot table is supplied against the Ellipse Start/Stop Time file (MSF891) to provide ad hoc reporting against time details